Things to Consider Before Attending a Trade Show

Attending a trade show is a great way to network with professionals in your preferred industry or with other potential partners, investors, and associates if you are the owner of your own business. Trade shows provide ample opportunity to grow your professional network while showcasing the products or services your business has to offer. Before attending your next upcoming trade show, there are a few things to consider and keep in mind to ensure you are prepared at all times.

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Travel and Cost Requirements

Consider the cost of traveling to and from the trade show you plan to attend. Where is the trade show located and will you be flying and traveling with swag or promotional material? Many trade shows require upfront costs for attendance and for booth sponsors. Inquire about the total cost of managing a booth or attending the trade show as a sponsor to ensure you are financially prepared.

Trade Show Layout

Research the layout of the trade show location to determine the best locations for a booth, mingling, and networking with potential associates, partners, or investors. Compare different areas of the trade show layout to discover which sections are likely to receive the most foot traffic.

Booth Opportunities

When you are attending a trade show and representing your own business or brand, consider obtaining your own booth or table. Booth opportunities provide exposure and the ability to share more information about your business and the products or services you offer. Sponsoring a trade show with a booth or a table is also a great way to spread the message of your business while boosting brand awareness in less time. Having your own booth is a way to create a professional presentation of your business while attracting a relevant audience who has a genuine interest in learning more about you and the brand you represent.

Promotional Products and Giveaways/Contests

Promotional products and swag are key elements involved in many trade shows and networking events. Whether you have custom business cards made, pens, bags, or even keychain flashlights, promotional products are highly recommended for those who want to spread the word about their business while piquing the interest of prospective customers or potential partners and investors. If you intend to reserve a booth or a table for your business, calculate the cost of the promotional items you intend to give away along with shipping logistics before scheduling your flight or solidifying your travel plans. Brainstorm creative contests or giveaways to attract more foot traffic to your area while promoting your brand and motivating attendees to participate.

Networking Materials

Get creative with unique business cards for the event and networking materials to pass out to those you meet while attending a trade show. Even if you are not currently planning to manage your own trade show booth or table, unique business cards help your business stand out while mingling and networking with other attendees and booth sponsors. Work with Live Talent’s trade show models. We have locations all across the United States, including Las Vegas, Orlando, NYC, Chicago, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Include special discount codes or exclusive offers included on your trade show business cards to incentivize recipients to research your business or to follow your brand on social media. Include social media links and a link to your official website on your trade show business cards to remind those who receive one of how to contact you.

Knowing what to expect at various trade shows is essential to prevent missing potential opportunities, especially if you have a booth of your own to represent. With the right preparation and a complete understanding of the purpose of the trade show you are attending, make the most out of your time networking and promoting your business and brand.

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