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Models For Hire In Las Vegas

Modeling agencies in Las Vegas can be hired for all types of reasons. Models are often the go to for helping at big events such as trade shows. This is Live Talent’s specialty. Learn more about hiring out team of experts for your next big event in Las Vegas, NV.

Trade shows are a fantastic networking and sales opportunity for any business. On any given weekend, a show is happening somewhere across the country and world. Las Vegas, NV is without a doubt one of the most popular cities if not the most popular city in the USA for large events

Sooner or later, there will be a show that works exclusively for your industry and services. You can either attend a strictly as a visitor, or you can be more proactive and set up your own booth.

Operating a booth is a chance for you to meet new clients, boost your brand awareness, and garner media attention. That means you want to ensure your booth is vibrant and appealing to all the attendees. 

The best way to accomplish that goal is to hire professional models to act as hosts or hostesses for your booth.

If you are setting up your first event, then contacting one of the best Las Vegas modeling agencies should be part of the planning. The best modeling agencies such as Live Talent, have a pool of professional talent that can be an asset to your experience.

Event Modeling Services:

When the event hours are complete for the day, there is an opportunity to host cocktail hours or other events. Models can also play an essential role in providing support for those events. You can hire those models to perform the following jobs:

  • Greeters
  • Badge scanners
  • Bartending
  • Drink servers
  • Food servers
  • Trade Show Models
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Dancers
  • DJs

Do you need experienced and qualified staff for your upcoming event? Reach out to our team for a free quote and we’ll send you some of our models that might be a good fit ASAP. Just let us know any questions you have.

Live Talent’s staff is available 24/7, 365 days a year and ready to help you at your next party or event in Southern Nevada.


Las Vegas models will create a positive first impression of your business. That impression always begins with brand awareness. You can outfit a beautiful model with your company brand-curated attire, such as T-shirts, caps, and other positive representations of your company logo.

When the models catch the attention of attendees and draw them into your booth, you create positive connections. That can help reinforce your company brand and lead to sales generation.


Shows are for introducing and selling your products or services to the public. For many attendees, it could be their first time seeing what your company has to offer. A model from a Las Vegas modeling agency can provide product and services information and engage with those attendees.

Female models from Las Vegas modeling agencies are more than attractive hosts and hostesses. They are also professional actors and brand representatives. As such, they can review in advance a script of valuable talking points to share with the attendees.

Here are the benefits to consider for hiring female models through an agency in Las Vegas, NV:

Hand Out Promotional Items

All those logo outfit items your hired models to wear can also be handed out as promotional items. In addition, the staff can distribute other promotional items such as magnets, stickers, keychains, pens, and product samples. 

Everyone who visits your booth should walk away with a company-branded promotional item. The models from the best modeling agencies can ensure that will happen. 

Directing Traffic to the Trade Show Booth

Models from the best modeling agencies do more than create a positive first impression for your booths. They can also become supportive professionals of your sales team by directing traffic to your booth. They can do that by walking the floor and inviting attendees toward your booth location. 

A model from a talent agency can also stand in front of the booth to entice attendees to stop by and find out what your company is all about. A model from an agency in Las Vegas might not close a sales deal, but they can make introductions to your sales team.

Perform Product Demonstrations

Are you selling a product that needs a demonstration? Then, hire a local, Las Vegas model from to be the perfect person to help with that demonstration and talent. Just as you can provide them with talking points, you can also provide a model with a complete demonstration script. These models have the talent and skills to follow those scripts and present your product in a very favorable light. 

It is always helpful when potential customers can see a product in action. Those product demonstrations can also attract bigger crowds to your booth. It is part of the fun and excitement and entertainment of a show. 

Good for the Bottom Line

Hiring local Las Vegas models from modeling agency companies in Las Vegas will be good for the company’s bottom line. There will be no need for additional airfare, hotel rooms, car rentals, or per diem costs for a local Las Vegas model. 

The savings you generate by hiring a local Las Vegas model can be invested in promotional materials for your booth. That is not to say that you won’t need staff members in attendance. However, with local Las Vegas models, you won’t have to bring everyone!

Trade Show Experience 

Having a local and reliable Las Vegas model at your booth is like having a dedicated concierge. These models know the town and can recommend the best places for dinner and other attractions to you and your clients. 

Experience also comes into play with how to attract potential sales. By virtue of their good looks, models always draw attention to wherever they work. In addition, their friendly attitude and talents make potential clients feel welcomed. That puts those clients in a good mood to do business. 

Specialty Talent

There might be a need for specialty talent to enhance your appearance. That specialty talent can include a model dressing up as a costumed character to draw more attention. Those characters are great for selfies and Instagram posts. It’s another way to promote your brand. 

Specialty talents can also come from musicians, DJs, magicians, celebrity impersonators, fashion, runway, and other entertainment models with unique skills that can support your goals of expanding your customer base. 

Any time a specialty talent model draws in a potential new client, you can capture their contact information. That is priceless. 

Party Event Staff 

 As with the event floor, your special event models can also learn about the unique talking points you want to convey to clients. That allows everyone at the event to have fun and learn about your products with great communication.

What You Can Expect From Las Vegas Modeling Agencies

Modeling agencies Las Vegas provide models that are brand ambassadors for your company. That means they have to match high standards for professionalism. Here’s what you can expect from Las Vegas modeling agency companies:


Models from Las Vegas modeling agencies understand the importance of being on time. That is why you can expect them to show up at the requested time, ready to take to the floor and begin work. 


The reliable staff also understand the nature of the job will require them to stand for long hours. There will not be any complaints from these entertainment professionals! The best models from Las Vegas modeling agencies will also show up fully prepared to present your company, products, and services in the best manner possible. 

When you provide the Las Vegas models with talking points in advance, you can expect them to know them by heart. 

Engaging Personalities 

A highly experienced model will understand that their primary role on the floor is to attract potential clients to your booth. That is why you will find the beautiful models to have engaging personalities that are warm and inviting to your potential clients. 

Models from highly rated modeling agencies, such as Live Talent, know how to talk about your product and services. They also know how to make conversation that creates a positive experience for any attendee who visits your booth or after-party. 

Those same engaging personalities are also a benefit for your own staff. Models from modeling agencies always have a good attitude about the work. That is important when you have extended hours on a corporate events floor. The smiles will never fade!

Attractive Looks

First impressions always matter at an event. The models you will hire will show up looking great and ready to work in your designated outfits. 

These are the exact type of models you hire to sell your products in print and television ads. Naturally, that makes them the ideal candidates to draw in a crowd at your show appearance. 

Hiring Process

The hiring process is simple. First, you can select from a portfolio of models to find the best candidate for your jobs. Then, a contract will be drawn up between you and the modeling agency that specifies the show’s times, dates, and special instructions. 

Once you book your model from a modeling agency that you like, you can focus on the details of your booth design and promotional materials. Knowing that you will have the right support staff standing by to go the extra mile to make your planning go a lot smoother. 


Show attendance is a part of doing business. When you think of the past events you’ve attended, you remember those booths with striking designs and unique products. 

More importantly, you remember your personal connections with those company representatives. That is the exact type of experience you want to create for your appearance. 

Having the support of professional models will enhance your company’s profile. The best modeling agencies in Las Vegas will also create an exciting experience that your new clients will remember. That will always be good for your business.

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