San Diego Trade Show Models



Trade shows are an excellent platform for getting your business known to the public and generating more awareness and sales. However, if you do not adequately prepare, you could spend money on a trade show booth that does not prove to be profitable, making this venture a waste of time and money. 

So how do you help increase profits from an event like this? Hiring trade show models in San Diego can give your business the boost it needs during these occasions. 

Live Talent’s Trade Show Models in San Diego 

Live Talent offers various options to enhance attendance at your upcoming booth with their professional trade show models. Using individuals with trade show experience and knowledge can help you make an impression on visitors and increase your sales.

Services we offer in San Diego:

  • trade show models
  • product specialists
  • specialty talent
  • crowd gatherers
  • brand ambassadors
  • promo models
  • booth greeters and hostesses
  • trade show staff

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Event Venues in San Diego

These are some of the most popular event venues for conventions in San Diego: San Diego Convention Center, Marina Village Conference Center, Moniker Warehouse, Golden Hall, House of Blues San Diego, and Centerplate.

Hiring trade show models for an upcoming event can be beneficial in more ways than one. These trained individuals are knowledgeable about all styles and sizes of trade shows and how to help you make the most out of your time. 

Choose Trade Show Models in San Diego

San Diego is a busy business center with a vast array of opportunities for businesses of all sizes. So, if you want to attend an upcoming trade show in San Diego, hiring trade show models could be your best chance at having the most profitable experience at the event. 

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What Trade Show Models Can Do 

Trade show models are more than just another body standing in your booth. These professionals know what it takes to generate foot traffic, grab attention, and engage in conversation with visitors. 

Demonstrate Products 

Depending on your specific needs, trade show models in San Diego can also help demonstrate products and encourage potential customers to try out items on hand. In addition, product demonstrations are a terrific way to provide a visual experience rather than having clients look through a catalog or website. 

Additionally, using someone else to demonstrate your products means it frees your time. This way, you can talk about your company, network with others, and do the heavy work behind the scenes of closing sales. 

Provide a Personal Touch 

Having a friendly face to provide personal attention to visitors to your booth can make a world of difference. Many potential customers will continue on their way if they do not receive an acknowledgment as they pass by. 

Professional trade show models in San Diego have background experience drawing attention to your products and services, maintaining good rapport with visitors, and encouraging continuous engagement. 

Specialty Talent 

Does your booth need specific talent that requires an additional person? Maybe you need someone to wear a mascot costume to appeal to your target audience. Perhaps you want to demonstrate a health product where you need physically fit people who can continuously perform throughout the day. 

Specialty talent is a niche in the trade show model market that may not be readily available through all agencies. However, Live Talent has the means to make your trade show vision come to life, no matter your company’s needs. 

Benefits of Using Trade Show Models in San Diego 

Handling Basic Tasks 

Rather than bringing a current employee with you to an event, a trade show model can take on some basic tasks so you can ensure your staff remains in the office to keep business moving while you are away. 

Some on-site tasks a trade show model can do for you include: 

  • Greet visitors 
  • Scan passes or badges 
  • Take attendance 
  • Help monitor and direct line-ups and crowds 
  • Hand out free samples and coupons
  • Entice visitors to enter free draws 
  • Take surveys from potential customers 
  • Answering questions about your products or services
  • Encouraging passers-by to come into your booth
  • Taking orders and reservations 
  • Maintain comfortable conversations 
  • Monitoring the booth while you are absent 

Saving Time and Money 

Using trade show models can save you time and money. More people in the booth can help speed up processing orders, greet people quicker, and provide a better overall customer service experience. In addition, the less time you make your potential clients wait, the better outlook they will have of your company. 

Trade show models do not need you to book them into hotels, feed them meals, or provide additional expenses. However, the costs incurred can build up quickly when you bring your staff to these events, especially out-of-town trade shows. Hiring outside help from agencies like Live Talent will allow you to keep your booth running smoothly without high operational costs. 

Live Talent serves all major convention cities across the US, such as: Los Angeles, NYC, Vegas, and Atlanta.


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