NYC Trade Show Models



Companies heavily rely on trade shows and conventions to spread their services to their community. In New York City, these conventions can be a busy place, leaving many companies unnoticed. Having great products and quality services is not enough to stand up to the competition.

Become one of the most successful companies by hiring Live Talent’s New York City trade show models. Trade show models entice potential business associates to visit their booths. Without the ability to rally a crowd, the success of a trade show for a business is minimal.

Live Talent’s promotional models in New York City

Live Talent provides an array of talented promotional models that work your exhibit and interact with potential associates. Our New York City promotional models have experience as brand ambassadors and influencers. This experience gives our models an upper hand in their interaction with customers.

Charismatic and personable, our models are quick on their feet to answer any questions about your products and services. They specialize in promoting brands at these types of corporate events. Our trained staff of promotional models in New York City can dramatically improve your marketing success at trade shows and conventions.

New York City Trade Show Modeling Services:

  • trade show models
  • product specialists
  • booth greeters and hostesses
  • specialty talent
  • expo staffing
  • brand ambassadors
  • promo models
  • trade show staffing
  • crowd gatherers

Getting started with our staffing team is super easy. Reach out to us and submit for a free quote and we will promptly follow up with model portfolios and pricing info. We can answer any questions you have within a few minutes.

Live Talent staff is always available, 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to help you bring staff to your exhibit with the best trade show models in New York City.

NYC Trade Show Venues

Some of the most popular venues in New York City are: The New York Expo Center, Center415, Metropolitan Pavilion, Helen Mills Event Space and Theater, Manhattan Center, and Piers 92/94.

Benefits of hiring promotional models/trade show models

The level of exposure your company will get at a convention is dependent on the amount of marketing and face-to-face socialization that is done. Without trained professionals to provide this task, your company could suffer.

Our New York City models are highly trained and know how to handle crowds and remain graceful under pressure. Having our promo models will increase the number of leads you generate from your trade show experience. You will not be disappointed with Live Talent’s trade show models. They will engage attendees and encourage them to come to ask questions. Their level of brand awareness gives them an edge against the competition.

What are Trade Show models?

Trade show models are promotional models that work at conventions and trade shows. They are typically independent contractors who answer brand questions, work the booths, register guests, or manage the trade show booth.

At Live Talent, our trade show models are the best in the business. Our staff of highly-trained promo models knows more than just the basics of your product. They are highly-trained on the specifics behind your products and services.

Along with their expertise regarding your products or services, our trade show models possess impeccable social skills. They know how to gather a crowd, lure customers in, and are personable in conversation with potential business associates. 

The Role of a New York City Trade Show Model

Our New York City Trade Show models can perform various roles such as being staff members at the booth, scanning badges, greeting at the entrance, acting as the booth hostess, working as crowd gatherers, offering product giveaways, or simply engaging in conversation with prospective customers.

Because of their training, our promo models know exactly how to talk to and not intimidate curious customers, allowing them to ask questions and engage in conversation about your products and services.

Attending corporate events such as trade shows and conventions requires a large investment. Get the most out of the event by maximizing your experience at the event with trade show models. Be at the top of the food chain by hiring Live Talent trade show models. Do not be ignored by customers because the competition hired promo models, and you didn’t!

Trade Show Modeling Agency in New York City, New York

If you want to increase the foot traffic in your booth at your next trade show or convention in New York City, consider hiring a Live Talent trade show model. Hiring a promo model will help your booth stand out from the competition and increase your exposure.

Investing in a trade show but not getting adequate exposure can hurt your company. Hire the most qualified promo models for your company to boost your business and stand out from the competition.

Once you have hired Live Talent’s trade show models, be sure and provide them with the necessary information to answer questions and know your products inside and out. Giving them this information will allow them to answer any questions customers and clients may have.

Having a strong game plan on your end with the highly trained professional promo models will give your company an edge over other companies. Boost your business exposure and come home from a trade show or convention with more clients by hiring Live Talent’s trade show models!

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