Los Angeles Trade Show Models



It can be a cut-throat world at trade shows, with companies competing for attention among hundreds, if not thousands, of potential clients. So how do you gain awareness and drive traffic to your booth? Using trade show models in Los Angeles can be the perfect solution. 

Los Angeles is a bustling networking hub where you can reach thousands of clients by bringing attention to your innovative products and services with a productive trade booth. However, just setting up a booth with your information is not good enough to drive your brand into the hearts and minds of the public.

Live Talent’s Trade Show Models in Los Angeles 

Trade show models are much more than individuals who stand at your booth for you. These professional individuals have the training and customer service experience to help grab the attention of passers-by, giving your company a better chance at future sales and growth.

Los Angeles Trade Show Modeling Services:

  • trade show staffing
  • booth greeters and hostesses
  • trade show models
  • product specialists
  • brand ambassadors
  • specialty talent
  • expo staffing
  • promo models
  • crowd gatherers

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Los Angeles Trade Show Venues

Southern California is home to many amazing event venues. here are some of the most popular: Los Angeles Convention Center, Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall, Magic Box LA, The Novo, L.A. Live, The Belasco, and the USC Davidson Conference Center.

Once you hire trade show models, you will see how easy it is to get the professional expertise you need at your next event. Contact us today to see how Live Talent can help your organization be successful at an upcoming trade show in Los Angeles. 

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Benefits of Using Trade Show Models 

There are many advantages to including trade show models at your booth. Just look at some of the vital benefits of having additional professionals on-site for your business. 

Various Services

Trade show models in Los Angeles do more than just stand at your booth with you. These individuals have specific training and know-how to navigate large convention scenarios, helping to provide the highest level of professional customer service possible. 

Here are some of the more popular services that a trade show model can be responsible for at your upcoming event. 

  • Encourage foot traffic to come into the booth
  • Providing a personable touch 
  • Prompt visitors for entering draws
  • Handing out samples
  • Gathering potential lead information
  • Conduct surveys 
  • Registering attendees 
  • Accepting orders and reservations 
  • Answering various questions on products or services
  • Keeping order with long line-ups
  • Scanning badges or passes 
  • Providing engaging conversation
  • Operating the booth when you are away


If you have an upcoming trade show in Los Angeles where you need help, hiring a trade show model can be more cost-effective than having a current employee attend the show. Some popular trade shows will run during work hours, making it difficult to bring your staff with you because they need to maintain regular business operations. 

Hiring trade show models can ensure your booth needs are covered instead of closing your office and paying your employees to attend a trade show with you. This alternative will help keep your business open to avoid losing any sales. 

Trade show models in Los Angeles are beneficial when your organization is from out of town, and you cannot have employees traveling far distances or spending time away from the office. 

Out-of-town trade shows require employees to travel, stay in hotels, eat meals out, and incur additional expenses. By comparison, hiring a professional trade show model can be significantly less expensive than having your staff accompany you to the trade show. 

Costs for Hiring Trade Show Models 

The costs of hiring these professionals will vary. It depends on your location, the size of the event, and what experience and requirements you need from them at your booth. Typically, trade show models in Los Angeles can cost between $35 and $55 per hour for this professional service. 

Hiring Trade Show Models in Los Angeles 

Trade show models offer various services to help you bring brand awareness and build up sales for your organization. Some terrific options these professionals provide include: 

  • Acting as a hostess 
  • Demonstrating products
  • Specialized talent 

Acting As a Hostess

Hostesses can complete all the face-to-face activities that will help grab visitors’ attention and engage them enough to visit your booth. In addition, these professionals possess a charismatic nature that will draw people in, allowing you to present free samples, demonstrations, coupons, or other promotional activities. 

Demonstrating Products 

Demonstrating products is a terrific way to attract attention at trade shows. But, rather than you running a demonstration, a trade show model can handle the task while you chat with potential customers and help close sales. 

Specialized Talent 

Do you have a company mascot that you need to accompany you to the trade show? Rather than bringing along an employee, hire trade show models in Los Angeles to fill the suit and grab visitors’ attention. Learn more about Live Talent here, and our locations around the US here.



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