Houston Trade Show Models



Houston, Texas is where the Old West meets the Space Age, and where southern hospitality intersects with global commerce. For event planners and exhibitors, annual meetings and trade shows in Houston represent financial opportunity and new business for the coming year. These are experiences to be coveted and to be well-prepared for, so you can make the most of your event.

It may seem quaint – even old-fashioned – to inexperienced entrepreneurs, but the personal nature of sharing the same physical space with business associates can still yield better results than virtual conferencing. This explains why Live Talent’s tradeshow models – skilled and accomplished in marketing and sales – are wise complements to your exhibit booth. If your convention meets in Houston, our promo models carry an additional, and crucial, credential: they live and work here. Their familiarity of the city and greater metropolitan area add to their effectiveness as hosts, brand representatives, product demonstrators and promotional models. Plus it saves your company money, compared to bringing in staff from your office.

Mass meetings and national conferences offer enhanced opportunities to reveal your product or service to lots of potential customers. They are there for the same reason you are, i.e.: to establish connections and do business. To gain a competitive edge at these events means to go beyond technical expertise and dry explanation. A profitable exhibit attracts and holds the attention of those who would otherwise be passers-by. Doing this requires charisma, assertiveness and warm congeniality.

These are the trademarks of Live Talent’s Houston trade show models. Their engaging demeanor and informed conversation can give your display the sustained attention it deserves. This means expanding your list of prospects and acquiring some new customers. Our people can seamlessly fill in where your staff is short-handed; distribute company brochures (with detailed knowledge of their content!); discern serious prospects from loiterers; and take down contact information from interested guests. In so doing, they raise your company’s industry profile.

Services we offer:

  • trade show models
  • booth greeters and hostesses
  • product specialists
  • specialty talent
  • brand ambassadors
  • promo models
  • crowd gatherers

Visiting our website gives you lots of information at no cost to you. Discovering more about members of our Houston team – and receiving a helpful quote – takes no more than a few minutes. Furthermore, you can access our “Quote Request Form” at any given hour on any given day. Doing so does not obligate you to work with us in any way.

Conventions & Tourism in Houston

Houston now welcomes over 21 million visitors per year, and is forecasting 25 million in 2020. 80 percent of these stay over at least one night. In fact, annual room nights booked for convention purposes are fast approaching 900,000.Three and a half million out-of-towners travel from foreign countries.

Many trade shows and large-scale conferences convene at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Covering 11 city blocks and 1.8 million square feet, the center hosts concerts and sporting events as well as trade shows. Among the expos at the Brown are those of the Texas Athletic Association and the Institute for Supply Management.

Some credit Houston’s status as a world-class destination to its emphasis on diversity and outreach to the millennial generation. Its many and varied cuisines at restaurants of all economic strata appeal to foodies. Its Fine Arts Museum and its symphony orchestra enjoy international acclaim. NASA, the Houston Rodeo, the baseball Astros and football Texans are also considerable draws.

A plethora of wineries, micro-breweries, dance clubs and coffee houses gives evidence of a new, younger demographic. Live Talent’s trade show models in Houston are plugged into all the city offers, and can assist your patrons with itineraries and logistics.



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