Washington, D.C. Trade Show Models



The stately marble structures of Washington, D.C. add a majestic aura to any trade show or convention. Occasions like these hold great potential for businesses and vendors to grow their client lists and secure higher revenues. The success is all in the presentation.

Why not just attend these events as a visitor? Although such an option sounds thrifty, it also takes away the business opportunity of direct connection with numerous prospects – relationships that make all the difference in terms of sales and marketing. Live Talent’s trade show models are skillful and experienced in establishing such contacts. Especially cultivated to act as brand ambassadors, product consultants and booth hosts, Live Talent personnel possess an important additional asset: they are local to the national capital’s area.

National meetings of trade associations, professional societies and political organizations can be lucrative affairs for intrepid entrepreneurs. So many attendees seek to network, a desire that benefits your business. Whatever interpersonal skills your own staff brings to the booth, Live Talent’s promo models in Washington DC will not only complement, but augment them. Their job is to attract visitors and inspire them to give your service or product some undivided attention.

In this task, our Washington DC trade show models have a track record of success. Transmitting liveliness, knowledge and engaging personalities, Live Talent’s staff steps into their roles with confidence and thorough preparation. Their expertise extends to jobs large and small: scanning name tags, explaining your company’s strengths, talking with attendees and disseminating your literature are second nature to our staff of professionals.

Trade Show Modeling Services:

  • trade show models
  • booth greeters and hostesses
  • product specialists
  • specialty talent
  • brand ambassadors
  • promo models
  • crowd gatherers

To discover more about Live Talent, visit our website and access the “Quote Request Form.” You will learn about the qualifications of our D.C.-based convention models and get a sense of our pricing structure. This information is available within minutes, yet it in no way obligates those who access it to use our services.

Conventions & Tourism in Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia is receiving record numbers of tourists year over year. In terms of convention business, hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms are booked through 2025, according to statistics from the National Travel and Tourism Office as well as the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Washington, D.C. is exciting given its role as the seat of government and a powerful world capital. Aside from the iconic sites representing the government – the White House, Capitol and Supreme Court – the many museums and exhibits of the Smithsonian Institution sit within the District’s borders. Sports teams from the NFL, NHL and MLB are present in Washington DC. Must-sees include the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and the many sites commemorating American war heroes. Diverse and delectable cuisines are sampled at the restaurants of Georgetown and Embassy Row.

Trade Show & Convention Venues in DC

Venues for trade shows and conferences abound in the nation’s capital. Those of the largest scale often convene at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. At 2.3 million square feet, this facility welcomes gatherings of a few hundred to as many as 42,000. Square footage for exhibit space totals 703,000. Among its recent assemblies are Awesome Con DC, the CFO/CIO Summit and the Small Business Expo. Aside from the Washington Center, the Robert F. Kennedy Stadium hosts mass (outdoor) meetings.

With all the options, Live Talent’s trade show models in DC can not only generate sales leads but also save your company money by allowing you to leave some of your staff at home, saving on costly travel expenses.



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