Boston Trade Show Models



Boston, Massachusetts represents the earliest phase of American Independence as well as a promising future in global business and technology. As Boston is also a popular venue for trade shows and annual conventions, exhibitors and participants treat events in the city with the utmost seriousness. These are gatherings that positively influence the future of industries.

Mass gatherings of association members, industry leaders or political partisans, for example, are important occurrences for the participants. While teleconference capacity now makes virtual meeting cheaper and more convenient, the bonds formed when attendees occupy the same space are of a deeper, more abiding nature. Live Talent’s Boston trade show models concentrate on this direct, human dynamic. These professionals are interactive and well-trained in the crafts of sales and marketing. Not only can they enhance a corporate display area, they also represent the city of Boston, as each hails from one of its many neighborhoods or suburbs.

The annual, biannual and quadrennial congresses, convocations and powwows put on by industry groups are timely chances to strengthen relational bonds…and create new ones. Many attendees simply avail themselves of the continuing education offered; many others, however, show up to find new vendors and even make purchases. Exhibitors do well to come to the booth not only with product knowledge, but people knowledge as well. Live Talent’s trade show models possess the qualities that engage participants so they will be open to your company’s message.

This is the sole mission of Live Talent’s Boston modeling agency, i.e. providing winsome trade show models who are well-versed in selling and marketing your service. Far from standing around, our personnel are active participants in the workings of your display area. They assist your company staff with booth management; act as filters to deter frivolous inquiries; scan name tags and register visitors as potential leads; and disburse pamphlets, brochures and other forms of informational literature.

Boston Trade Show Modeling Services:

  • trade show models
  • booth greeters and hostesses
  • product specialists
  • specialty talent
  • brand ambassadors
  • promo models
  • crowd gatherers

Learning who actually performs these tasks can be done in a few minutes. Visiting the Live Talent website gets you there through the “Quote Request Form.” This option can be accessed around the clock on any given day, and displays relevant information about our Boston trade show models, including price estimates.

Trade Shows & Tourism in Boston

Although Boston is not nearly as popular as Las Vegas for number of trade shows, it is still one of the more popular cities throughout the United States. Moreover, Boston has much to offer for business travel, vacations and conventions. In terms of American history, the city’s Freedom Trail includes the site of the Boston Massacre; the Old North Church; the home of Paul Revere; and Faneuil Hall. MLB’s Red Sox play at Fenway Park; the NHL’s Boston Bruins dominate the ice at TD Garden (the basketball Celtics also make their home here); and culture is sampled at the Museum of Fine Arts and Symphony Hall. Some of the most prestigious colleges and universities are in Boston and its environs.

Of the multiple expo, trade show and convention venues, the Boston Convention and Exposition Center is one of the most imposing. With 516,000 square feet of exhibition space, 84 meeting rooms and a 40,020 square foot ballroom, this facility is particularly desirable given its easy proximity to the airport. Other coveted meeting spaces include the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center and the Seaport World Trade Center.

Live Talent’s convention models are Bostonians – they know how to navigate the city and where the best off-hours places are situated. Having them occupy your convention space adds a welcome local flair to your operation. Get started by hiring our trade show models in Boston here.



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