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Anaheim, California is a mecca for industry conferences, association conventions and trade shows of all kinds. Exhibitors spend months of preparation in anticipation of these potentially lucrative gatherings, and rightly so: the branding and reputation gained at such events can yield long-term rewards in sales and lead generation.

Even in today’s technology age, Live Talent recognizes the indispensable human element as vital to sales and marketing efforts. This is why our trade show models are astute observers – and practitioners – of entrepreneurial dynamics. They are not generalists, but specialists in trade shows, large-scale conferences and other such confabs. Better still, our personnel are local: they know the city of Anaheim, and are seasoned as hostesses, brand representatives and specialty talent at such events.

Most often annual – or even bi-annual – gatherings, trade shows and conventions are unique opportunities for exposure to large numbers of potential clients and customers. More to the point, these people are looking to do business. Unfortunately, many companies opt to pluck select employees out of their cubicles and transplant them into a convention booth. While these staffers may be knowledgeable about a product, they often come without the power to compel attendees to give them their attention.

Anaheim Trade Show Models for Hire

This is where our team proves its mettle, furnishing promo models that project vibrant confidence and winning attitudes. Versatile and multi-talented, they can represent staffers who are otherwise occupied; supply literature and information relative to your product or service; screen and certify visitors as potential customers; scan the bar codes of visiting participants; and coordinate with company employees to optimize sale closings and lead generation. Hire Anaheim Trade Show Models at an affordable price and make your booth stand out by getting a free quote on our website.

Anaheim Modeling Services:

  • trade show models
  • booth greeters and hostesses
  • product specialists
  • specialty talent
  • brand ambassadors
  • promo models
  • crowd gatherers

Checking out Live Talent is simple and non-binding: our online “Quote Request Form” is brief and uncomplicated. Submit it and, within minutes, you will receive information on our convention models and price estimates specific to your request. We can also respond to any questions relating to our services. Our staff is available every day, around the clock, to arrange for the ideal models for your Anaheim trade show exhibit.

Venues in Anaheim

The most popular tradeshow venue in Anaheim is the Anaheim Convention Center (ACC). According to, it’s the largest convention center on the West Coast and features more than 1.8 million square feet of space, including over 1 million square feet of exhibit space, 99 meeting rooms, one 38,000-square-foot main ballroom and two additional 100,000-square-foot ballrooms, and a 7,500-seat arena.

There are also many hotel venues in Anaheim, such as Hilton Anaheim and the Anaheim Marriott. If you’re traveling with your family, you might want to consider the Westin Anaheim Resort, because it overlooks the Disney Resort’s nightly firework show.

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Tourism and Trade Shows in Anaheim, CA

According to the Orange County Register, tourism in Anaheim and its environs is up significantly–nearly 30 percent from years past. While it is no surprise that the home of Disneyland would draw a crowd, a good portion of the increase relates to larger conventions. In turn, an uptick of development – hotels, restaurants and craft breweries – is occurring.

Of particular interest is the expansion of the Anaheim Convention Center. Already the largest such facility on the West coast, it covers 53 acres of land and offers 1.8 million square feet of meeting space. As such, it is suited for mega-trade shows and modest, low-key training meetings…and everything in between.

Its glass walls maximize natural lighting while the blue-carpeted interior calls to mind the sun and fun of California beaches. The meetings held within this structure have drawn up to 80,000 participants, most of whom stay in Anaheim hotels and dine at local restaurants.

Overall, the city – and Orange County – is responding in kind to the rising number of groups and associations that want to convene there. More hotels have completed construction and Disneyland is adding new attractions for tourists and meeting goers. It could be that Anaheim is primed to give Las Vegas and Orlando some stiff competition in the trade show business.

This is all the more reason to recruit promotional models and brand ambassadors who call Anaheim home. Live Talent hostesses and brand reps not only offer savvy salesmanship to our clients, but also homegrown hospitality to your customers.

Trade Show Models Anaheim

Live Talent supplies trade show models to all of the major event venues and conventions in Anaheim. Our team specializes in providing booth models, bilingual models, booth hostess, product demonstrators, trade show hostesses, crowd gatherers, product specialists, fitness models, and many more. We offer free quotes for all event staffing inquiries. Get the best convention models to help make your next event a success by reaching out today!

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