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Hire Las Vegas Models For Your Next Event

Putting together an event can be an exciting adventure, but the process can be intimidating if you don’t prepare properly. In the sunny city of Las Vegas, events hosting thousands of attendees happen all the time. If you are planning to host an event, you’ll be happy to hear that hiring Live Talent for your event staffing services is a great way to help you create the experience of your dreams.

Why Hire Event Staff?

Live Talent’s expertise in the local Las Vegas market is unparalleled to any large corporate firms. Our team will put together a fantastic roster of highly trained talent to work your Las Vegas event, trade show, or conference. You can feel confident in their ability to show up on time, do their work professionally, and help best represent your brand as if they were your own staff.

If you or your company is planning to put on an event, you’ve likely considered hiring an event staffing agency in Las Vegas to help you put the event together. Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense, many people find that attempting to put on an event themselves is not worth the headache or potential losses. Hiring one of the local modeling agencies will make your life easier. Here are some top reasons you might choose to work with an event staffing agency.

Expert Guidance

Putting together an event is incredibly involved, especially if you intend to host more than a few dozen people. There are several details to work out, and it can take hours to weeks to get everything in order.

Skipping any small details can lead to huge problems. Even something as minor as the seating arrangement or checking the sound system can play a huge role in how the night unfolds. Hiring a team of professionals that know each detail and how to double-check everything can help you avoid embarrassing faux pas.

Less Stress

There’s no getting around the fact that putting on an event is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a bit of help, it can even be fun. 

Although hiring an event staffing agency won’t protect you from every potential problem, it can help put your mind at ease that they will handle everything appropriately. This will be incredibly important since, as hosts, your attitude will set the tone for the event. 

Professional Troubleshooting

You will inevitably hit bumps in the road during your event. Hopefully, you and your team will be well-prepared to take on any challenges that come your way.

Hiring professionals can go a long way in smoothing out any potential hiccups. You might be able to take care of some problems as they arise, but if you have technical difficulties or face an emergency, you might find yourself a little out of your league. Professionally trained individuals will help prevent disasters, and they can also help bolster your staff’s talent if you choose to include them.

Knowing the Details 

Event staff should be there to help you plan a great event, but working out a few details first can help you make an informed decision on which company you’d like to hire. Here are some of the details you can nail down first:

Event Type

Try to get a firm idea of what type of event you intend to coordinate and a clear vision of how you’d like the event to play out. Knowing what kind of event you plan to put on will make a difference in how you should prepare. 

If you intend to put on a convention when you host several speakers, it will be essential to have adequate seating and a good sound system. However, if you are planning a dinner, your needs will be very different. You might intend for the menu to take precedence or need a romantic atmosphere. Lay out an idea of what type of event you plan to have and any special features you wish to include.


The size will play a significant role in the decisions that you ultimately make for your event. This includes how many people you intend to invite and how much space you need. Things like stages and dance floors take up quite a bit of square footage.

Getting an exact headcount for specific events can be tricky, so you need to wait to speak to an event planner who can help you estimate. If you do know how many people you intend to invite, the event staff know so they can give you a reasonable estimate.


You may already know where you intend to host your event. If you want it to be right on your company’s property, you will have a large portion of the planning taken care of. If you need to find a location, start looking immediately. It is best to book the venue early since reservations are often required months in advance.

Location can also present some unique problems, depending on whether or not you are inside or outside. One of the great things about Las Vegas is that you will usually encounter sunny weather, but things like wind or excessive heat should always be considered when planning your event. If you want to hold it outside, make sure to mention this to the event staffing company. You may need extra equipment that comes with additional costs.


Unsurprisingly, hosting an event can be expensive, but clever planning can help reduce costs. The event staff is excellent at finding great deals on everything from locations to catering.

Your budget is one area that you will have to plan for yourself. If you have a financial department, get them involved, and have them help you set up a reasonable amount of funding. Sticking to your budget will be crucial to the success of your event, especially if you intend to charge guests for entry and make a profit. It may seem surprising, but hiring an event staffing company could, in fact, save you money.

Choosing Event Staffing Las Vegas

Once you have a good idea of your event, you can choose the best event staffing service that Las Vegas has to offer. There are a few qualities to look out for and some questions to ask before making a final decision.

Comprehensive Staff

Events in Las Vegas come in all shapes and sizes, so the event staffing company should have adequate employees for every job. Be specific with what you are looking for so they can get the most qualified professionals on the job. 

Ask them about frequent hires they might recommend. You can start researching popular names in the area to get a good idea of who you might be working with. 

Marketing Strategies

If you are putting on an event that you intend to sell tickets to, there’s a good chance you will need someone who is skilled and marketing to help get the word out to the public.

Ask any event staffing companies about their marketing strategies and their success in getting people to the venue. Do they often sell out all or most of the tickets or seats? Knowing this is a clear indicator of their success as a business. If you have your own marketing strategies, they can help you plan the steps you need to take to implement them.

Coordinating Vendors

A good event staffing company should be able to put you in touch with a wide range of vendors. They will have the knowledge to help you find all of the best flavors, sounds, and entertainment.

Ask the event staffing company about vendors they have worked with in the past to get a good idea of how well they can establish contacts. This valuable information will be critical when choosing how your event should look and feel and planning your budget.

Security and Emergency Services 

First and foremost, an event should be a safe place to enjoy some entertainment or learn something new. The event staffing company you hire should be well acquainted with high-quality security and know all safety protocols to keep your guests safe.

Ask the staffing company about their plans for emergencies. Although some things must be left to the first responders, there should be specific steps in place for any given scenario, from a security threat to someone choking.

Finding Volunteers

Some events might be a good opportunity to look for volunteers that can help put on your event. Volunteers can drastically reduce costs and put a good face on your company.

Ask your event staffing company if they can put you in touch with any volunteer groups that might be able to help set up or tear down. In smaller settings, they might even be able to help do simple jobs like wait tables, checking coats, or washing dishes.

Financial Paperwork 

Hiring event staff can be a complicated business when it comes to getting everyone paid the correct amount on time. For the person paying for the services, it shouldn’t be an overly complex process.

Make sure to ask the event staffing company about how they need you to make your payments and any additional fees or tax information you need to know.


Putting on an event should be an exciting and enjoyable journey. Choosing a great event staff can bring the experience together and make it an event to remember rather than one to dread. With a bit of research in preparation, you will be well on your way to putting on the event you’ve envisioned.



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